Our team

Our experienced team specialise in the hard stuff… the programs or projects that others don’t want or can’t deliver.

We focus on

– project recovery

– large, complex program management

– cross functional business change

– multinational business transformation

Our history

In 2017, after many years as a management consultant with PWC & EY delivering large scale complex business transformation programs, Victoria decided to start Aus Results Pty Ltd.

We are an Australian based company focused on delivering results for clients, not just writing reports that get put in your bottom drawer, never to be looked at again.

Our approach is hands-on, pragmatic and highly disciplined. We take the time to listen, then work with your business to plan what needs to be done. Your outcomes are critical & we work closely with you to make sure you achieve them.

Our mission

Results are our bottom line.

Let us know what you need & we’ll work with you to figure out how to achieve it.